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  • Roaming

    Houston – Part 1 – Things to Do

    We moved to Houston at the end of June 2021, in the middle of the strange pandemic impacted years. Texas, being the kind of state that it is, had no mandatory…

  • Culture

    New Orleans Jazz Fest 2022

    We visited 2022 Jazz Festival in New Orleans. Stretching over two weekends, with a huge variety of musical genres, we enjoyed the first weekend shows on Friday 29th April to Sunday…

  • Roaming

    Christmas in San Francisco

    We visited San Francisco for Christmas 2021. Our main consideration for selecting SF was that we needed somewhere to do our long marathon training runs, so no snow and good running…

  • Roaming

    Austin – Long Weekend Break

    For the Labo(u)r Day long weekend, we took our first trip out of Houston since moving in late June 2021. We stayed in East Austin and loved the slightly grungy vibe,…

  • Roaming

    Kumando Kodo – Pilgrimage Hike

    The mountains of the Kii penisula have been a pilgrimage destination for centuries, with the network of trails and sites of worship, now called Kumano Kodo, registered on UNESCO’s world heritage…

  • Roaming

    Highlights of Hakone

    Hakone, conveniently located between Tokyo and Kyoto, is a great place to experience the Japanese countryside. There are lots of cultural attractions, impressive scenery and if you’re planning to stay overnight, there…

  • Roaming

    Kyoto – On and Off the Beaten Path

    Kyoto was the capital of Japan for almost 1000 years (between the 8thcentury to the mid-19thcentury) and therefore has many wonderful old buildings and cultural attractions. There are 17 UNESCO world…