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  • Roaming

    Kyoto – On and Off the Beaten Path

    Kyoto was the capital of Japan for almost 1000 years (between the 8thcentury to the mid-19thcentury) and therefore has many wonderful old buildings and cultural attractions. There are 17 UNESCO world…

  • Roaming

    Relaxing on Bruny Island

    Bruny Island is a great location for a short break in Tasmania, only 35 minutes from Hobart it boasts gourmet delights, scenic bushwalking and lots of birds! We hadn’t planned on…

  • Running

    Delicious Trail Dolomiti

    Whilst organising our trip through the stunning Dolomites, I came across a running event which would be held whilst we were in the area. It was definitely not your average race…

  • Running

    Wonderland Run

    When we visited the Grampians during our holidays in 2018, I searched for running options and found the course map for what looked like an amazing trail run… Since then I’d…

  • Roaming

    Amazing Angkor – Part 2

    After a packed first day, our second temple day was dedicated to the Large Circuit. We arrived at the first temple, Pre Rup, around 7.30am while it was bathed in lovely morning…

  • Roaming

    Amazing Angkor – Part 1

    Touring around the Angkor Temple region is a bit mind boggling. There are so many different temples to visit and lots of conflicting advice about how to beat the crowds, keep…

  • Roaming

    Lord Howe Island Adventures

    Day One We flew from Sydney to Lord Howe Island on an early morning flight. As it was good weather, the pilot did a scenic loop, providing a great view of…

  • Running

    A Walk in the Vines

    As part of the Marathon du Medoc festivities, the day after the run there is a leisurely walk through the vineyards. This is a great opportunity for those who didn’t run…