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  • Roaming

    Naoshima Art Island

    Ever since we had heard about the contemporary art island of Naoshima, and seen photos of Yaoyi Kusama’s pumpkin sitting wistfully on the jetty, we were keen to visit. It was…

  • Running

    Shizuoka Marathon 2019

    Mark and I had been considering our next running options, and a few years after my only marathon (in 2015), I thought I was ready to tackle another! Tokyo Marathon was…

  • Roaming

    Three Days in Kakadu

    At over 20,000 sq kms, Kakadu is Australia’s largest national Park and is UNESCO World Heritage listed for both natural and cultural values. Three full days allows enough time to visit…

  • Culture

    Boston Calling Festival 2018

    Highlights (in no particular order after No 1!) 1. The Decemberists. As Mark’s favourite band, these guys get a lot of airplay at home so I was looking forward to seeing them play live…

  • Running

    Quebec’s Best 10km Trail Run?

    Gaspesia 100 Ultra Trail was being held the week after we visited Perce, Quebec. I wasn’t up for trying the 100 mile option, but their G10 loop looked interesting and proclaimed…

  • Roaming

    Highlights of Hong Kong

    We spent 5 nights in Hong Kong, which was just enough time for a ‘highlights tour’ (and a bit of running!). It was pretty hectic with lots of different food to…

  • Running

    Hong Kong Running

    Hong Kong is actually a surprisingly good place for running, although it can be difficult to find a route which is not too hilly! During our 5 days, we trained on…