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  • Roaming

    Amazing Angkor – Part 1

    Touring around the Angkor Temple region is a bit mind boggling. There are so many different temples to visit and lots of conflicting advice about how to beat the crowds, keep…

  • Roaming

    Lord Howe Island Adventures

    Day One We flew from Sydney to Lord Howe Island on an early morning flight. As it was good weather, the pilot did a scenic loop, providing a great view of…

  • Running

    A Walk in the Vines

    As part of the Marathon du Medoc festivities, the day after the run there is a leisurely walk through the vineyards. This is a great opportunity for those who didn’t run…

  • Running

    Marathon Du Medoc

    Marathon Du Medoc is not your typical marathon… And our lead up to race day was not typical either – we’d done our last sets of ‘specific training’ in Burgundy practising…

  • Running

    Running Around (Castles) in Japan

    After running in the Shizuoka Marathon, we did some touristy easy runs while enjoying the rest of the holiday. Mainly staying in the city centres, it was hard to find long,…

  • Roaming

    Japanese Food Adventures

    One of the best parts of our trip to Japan was sampling the wonderful  food. We really enjoyed trying everything from street foods like takoyaki (octopus balls), to beautifully presented multi-course…

  • Roaming

    Naoshima Art Island

    Ever since we had heard about the contemporary art island of Naoshima, and seen photos of Yaoyi Kusama’s pumpkin sitting wistfully on the jetty, we were keen to visit. It was…

  • Running

    Shizuoka Marathon 2019

    Mark and I had been considering our next running options, and a few years after my only marathon (in 2015), I thought I was ready to tackle another! Tokyo Marathon was…